Louisiana Preliminary Disaster Self-Report for those impacted by Monday’s severe weather

Jun 29, 2022 | Uncategorized

Update: Deadline to report any damage is Tuesday, May 25th.

If your home sustained any damage as a result of Monday night’s severe flooding and tornadoes, you are encouraged to complete a self-reporting damage survey.

By completing this survey, you will help the state identify damage impacts in each region and aid emergency management officials gain a better understanding of the damage due to the intense weather conditions.

Visit damage.la.gov or use your phone’s camera app to scan the QR code below.

Primary residential homes are the only structures that can be verified in the categories as defined by FEMA as destroyed (home is a TOTAL loss) or major damage (home has structural damage or other significant damage that requires extensive repairs). See below for more details:

Examples of DestroyedExamples of Major Damage 
Any of the following factors may constitute a status of destroyed:§ Complete failure of two or more major structural components – e.g. collapse of basement walls, foundation, load-bearing walls, or roof§ Only foundation remains§ A residence that is in imminent threat of collapse because of disaster-related damage or confirmed imminent danger – e.g. impending landslides, mudslides, or sinkholes.Some examples of major damage include: § Failure or partial failure to structural elements of the roof to include rafters, ceiling joists, ridge boards, etc.§ Failure or partial failure to structural elements of the walls to include framing, sheathing, etc.§ Failure or partial failure to foundation to include crumbling, bulging, collapsing, horizontal cracks of more than two inches, and shifting of the residence on the foundation of more than six inches§ Residences with a water line 18 inches above the floor in an essential living space, a water line above the electrical outlet.